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The Culinary Heart of Leeu Estates

One of the many five-star offerings for which Leeu Estates is renowned is its world-class cuisine. 

With pride of place in the stately manor house, The Dining Room offers fresh, farm-to-fork cuisine against an exquisite natural backdrop. The array of dining options includes all-day light dining or a full à la carte experience, with each dish showcasing the finest seasonal produce. 

At the helm is Chef Brent Malander, curating a creative yet relaxed dining experience. 

Chef Malander’s culinary journey began at Northlink College Panorama campus, where he earned advanced diplomas in both culinary arts and pastry. From there, his curiosity and quest for excellence led him abroad, where he immersed himself in diverse culinary traditions and gained invaluable expertise from renowned chefs and cultures around the world.

He believes that maintaining a serene ambience in The Dining Room kitchen is of paramount importance to allowing the team to meticulously craft dishes of the highest quality. Sustainability and innovation also come into play, guiding the evolution of the menu's offerings. Continuously striving towards new and unique dishes, Chef Malander and his team integrate seasonal ingredients sourced from the Leeu Locally Grown Gardens on the Leeu Estates grounds. 

In addition to the focus on keeping the ingredients as fresh as possible, The Dining Room team goes the extra mile to ensure that the dietary needs of guests are always taken into consideration. The ever-evolving menu includes vegan options, such as scrumptious tempura vegetable wraps with whipped dipping sauce, a vegan risotto, and a delicious corn soup. The Dining Room also caters to children, with a wide variety of options when it comes to desserts and toppings to make their desserts as colourful and fun as possible. 

As the colder seasons approach, the team is excitedly preparing to unveil a selection of fresh, hearty dishes, ushering in the vibrant flavours of autumn and winter in the winelands. A particularly highly recommended option is the deboned lamb neck, roasted until tender and then glazed with mint jus.

The Dining Room is exclusively available to in-house guests at Leeu Estates, Le Quartier Français or Leeu House, and bookings are essential to ensure that you don’t miss out on a table during your visit. Guests visiting Leeu Spa by Healing Earth and the Mullineux & Leeu Family Wine Studio at Leeu Estates are now also invited to join for lunch or dinner at The Dining Room (reservations required). 

Secure your table at The Dining Room or find out more about our exceptional accommodation and culinary offerings by contacting reception.leeuestates@leeucollection.com


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