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A Creative Haven at Everard Read on Leeu Estates

“The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.”  – Robert Henri

Established in the heart of Johannesburg in 1913, Everard Read has evolved into South Africa's most illustrious group of art galleries.

The Everard Read Galleries have cast their creative net far and wide, establishing their presence not only in Johannesburg but also in Cape Town, London, and two galleries in Franschhoek - Everard Read Franschhoek adjacent to Le Quartier Français on Huguenot Road and the Everard Read Gallery and Sculpture Park on Leeu Estates.

The gallery on Leeu Estates is nestled in the picturesque Fynbosch Quarter, while the sculpture park offers a unique showcase of monumental works set amidst breathtaking fynbos and vineyards.

The Everard Read Artist in Residence Programme 

Tucked within the Everard Read on Leeu Estates gallery complex is a sanctuary for artistic innovation – a studio and cottage that forms the cornerstone of their artist residencey programme. 

This initiative serves as a serene haven for artists to hone their craft, explore new ideas, and conceive innovative works that will eventually enrich the gallery's repertoire. 

Gifted artists nurtured by the artist in residence programme include Blessing Ngobeni, Teresa Kutala-Firmino, Setlamorago Mashilo, Ricky Dyaloyi, and the most recent addition, Liza Grobler.

Discover the Visionary Liza Grobler 

Liza Grobler, a luminary in the art world, fearlessly pushes the boundaries of convention. Her body of work delves deep into the intricate relationships between the physical presence of the viewer, the surrounding space, and the very essence of the art itself.

Rather than being confined to mere conceptual boundaries, Grobler's installations provide an immersive journey, guiding viewers through the dynamic interplay between inner and outer landscapes. Her art is an experiential tapestry that weaves together the tangible and the intangible.

Grobler's artistic odysseys have carried her to the far reaches of the globe, including Norway, Finland, the United States, Mexico, Switzerland, Belgium, and France. 

Following her current residency at Leeu Estates, she will unveil her exclusive solo exhibition at the gallery in January 2024.

Experience the Splendour

Everard Read on Leeu Estates invites visitors to savour the art in the gallery and throughout the monumental sculpture park. Meander through the spectacularly landscaped gardens and indulge in a highly-acclaimed dining experience at La Petite Colombe, which shares a pavilion with the gallery. 

Elevate your epicurean experience by spending a night or two at the five-star premium Leeu Estates, complete with every conceivable luxury; fine food and wine; and a natural spa, all within a unique and spectacular winelands setting. 

Reach out to our friendly Guest Liaison Team to learn more and reserve your stay. 

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