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Dreaming of a White Twixmas

During the final days of each year, a unique and often overlooked period emerges, nestled between the festivities of Christmas and the grand countdown to New Year's Eve.

This special time, known as "Twixmas," invites us to slow down, savour the enduring magic of the holiday season, and delight the tranquility before another year begins.

While the excitement of Christmas presents, sumptuous feasts, and cherished family gatherings slowly fades, Twixmas extends a welcome respite - an intermission of sorts - time stretches and moments of serenity unfold. It's a delightful pause that provides an opportunity to unwind, reflect, and bask in the gentle ambiance that permeates the air.

The history of Twixmas, also referred to as the "betwixt and between" period, can be traced back to ancient pagan and religious traditions. It finds its roots in the ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia, a week-long celebration honoring the god Saturn, coinciding with the winter solstice. During this time, societal norms were temporarily suspended, and people engaged in feasting, revelry, and gift-giving. In medieval Europe, the period between Christmas and New Year's was marked by the Twelve Days of Christmas, a time of merriment and festivities. 

Nestled amidst England’s picturesque Lake District, Twixmas holds a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike, offering a delightful array of traditions that capture the essence of this enchanting period. 

One beloved tradition is the Winter Walks, where people venture out into the breathtaking landscapes of The Lakes, adorned in winter's ethereal beauty. Whether strolling along frost-kissed trails, embarking on invigorating hikes to majestic peaks, or simply meandering through quaint villages, these walks provide a serene opportunity to reconnect with nature bask in the tranquil embrace of the surroundings. 

Additionally, during Twixmas, the Lake District comes alive with a delightful array of festive events and markets during Twixmas, where one can explore charming stalls brimming with local crafts, artisanal treats, and seasonal delights. From sampling delectable treats to discovering unique handmade treasures, these markets offer a wonderful opportunity to immerse oneself in the local culture and bring home cherished memories.

Finally, cosying up by a crackling fire in a traditional Lake District country hotel like Linthwaite House is a quintessential Twixmas experience. It's a time to gather with loved ones, share stories, play games, and savour hearty, comforting meals while the winds howl outside. 

Our elegant suites provide the ideal setting for a restful night's sleep, plus cosy evenings spent snuggling up in bed and catching up on all the must-watch Twixmas movies for the whole family. 

When you're ready to venture out into the enchanting winter wonderland, you'll be greeted by landscapes adorned with a delicate frost, snow-capped peaks resembling delightful festive treats, and Lake Windermere draped in a misty sparkle akin to tinsel. It's a scene straight out of a holiday postcard.

Celebrate the Twixmas days at Linthwaite House, where the spirit of family, fun, and festivities come together to create cherished moments. Whether you choose to explore the charming nearby villages, find solace with a captivating book in our cosy lounge, engage in playful games with the kids, savor a hearty festive meal at Henrock, or share a warming Lakes Distillery Whisky with the grandfolks, or simply relaxing in a private hot tub with your partner. 

Join Lake District locals and visitors in embracing Twixmas as an enchanting time to embrace nature's gifts, connect with loved ones, and indulge in the simple joys that make this region a haven of tranquility.

Contact our Guest Liaison team to reserve your unrivalled Twixmas getaway today. 

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