The gardens or ‘Leeuscapes’ at the Leeu Collection properties have been stylishly and meticulously landscaped. Founder Analjit Singh (aka BAS), a keen gardener and observer of plants around the globe, has a preference for order and symmetry, and the serenity this brings to a garden.


Manicured Rows

At Leeu Estates, the manicured Four Quarter Vineyards with their walkways for guests are planted with Sauvignon blanc, which is destined to be made into a house-style wine for the Leeu Collection properties. World-renowned viticulturist Rosa Kruger oversaw the vineyards at Leeu Estates.

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Seasonal Bounty

A country herb and vegetable picking garden is laid out around three granadilla-covered pavilions with formal hedges. This was the first garden laid out on the property and it has incredible valley and mountain views. The garden provides fresh seasonal produce for The Dining Room, Épice, Protégé and La Petite Colombe's culinary teams.


Scenic Views

The word ‘bokkie’ is the diminutive of buck and is often used within the Afrikaans community as the term for ‘beloved’ or ‘sweetheart’. An expression of love, the beautifully laid out Bokkie Garden aims to create a meditative and serene space where people can reconnect with nature and one another. A small vineyard showcasing carefully selected varieties of grape has also been established, from which a limited edition wine will be produced.

5b6d648cab18f-Leeu ScapesVINEYARD WALK


Explore Nature

These well-maintained walkways traverse both the riverside and vineyards. The gardens meander along the natural course of the river and were designed to suggest nature – the planting is controlled but more relaxed than the formality of the rest of the gardens on Leeu Estates. Oak trees at the river are interplanted with evergreens, creating a perennial screen of green. In spring, luminescent white azaleas along the river stand out against the banks of green.


At Leeu Estates

The edible gardens within the Leeu Collection are home to an array of fruits and vegetables, whether they be strawberries, heritage tomatoes, or baskets of herbs. Each morning, fresh seasonal produce is harvested and sent immediately to the kitchens.


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