Facilitating a fine future for Franschhoek youth

The Leeu Learning Centre enables youngsters to embrace the

digital and information economy

Congenial venue. Up- to -date equipment. Professional support. Three elements that are essential for young people to study, discover, absorb while reaching required academic standards and attaining their development potential.
These factors are now available  to both  the youth and younger children  of Franschhoek valley thanks to the establishment of the new Leeu Learning Centre which officially  opened  on February 1, 2019 at  the Franschhoek Valley Community Sport Centre established by Hope Through Action in 2015.
The Leeu Collection identified the need for a centre where young kids and youth of the Franschhoek valley could access free quality online education: an essential component  in qualifying for employment in the 21st century. Embracing the fourth industrial revolution through digital prowess  will play an important role, one that now forms a core part of the learning centre’s facilities and resources.
Thanks to a considerable financial injection extending  over  three years, the  Leeu Learning Centre is able to operate from 9h00 to 19h00 every week day. A dozen modern computers provide internet access, accompanied by printing and photocopying equipment. The small existing library is being expanded to provide school curriculum material, adult fiction and children’s titles, along with newspapers and magazines.
Educational film screening will be offered, and the facilities are available for adults in the mornings, while afternoon programmes  focus on school children and homework.  Adults can visit the centre after work, have a coffee, play a game of chess or use the space and equipment for academic study.
Academic support  with both online and subject specific tutors are  offered, along with skilled computer assistance to help with assignments and extra classes. School assignments today often require  information obtained online. Many scholars do not even have a quiet space in which to study, nor do they have computer access.  The centre hopes to reach at least 200 children a week in the first year. Older students require computer access for employment and other applications where handwritten documents are no longer accepted.
These facilities are now integrated with those already existing at the Franschhoek Valley Community Sport Centre,  such as on-going sports, leadership and life skills training  . This project was established in 2015 at Groendal in Franschhoek, and is one of several operated by the Hope Through Action Foundation, a not-for-profit South African company,  together with its partner SCORE, in Franschhoek and in Paarl. A new Centre will be opened in Malmesbury in May 2019.
The Leeu Learning Centre and the Foundation are collaborating on projects to provide space and online learning facilities , along with educational resources  and support to learners provided by both professional staff and volunteers.

To get involved with the Leeu Learning Centre contact Nicolette Waterford Nicolette.waterford@leeucollection.com +27 (0) 82 807 4447

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