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Getting to know us – Sarita Kielblock

Some people are born to work in hospitality. Friendliness and a never-ending willingness to give guests a great time are like second nature to them and within Leeu Collection we are so lucky to have a team made up of such people.

Whilst working remotely is something not quite ideal for most in hospitality, it has allowed us the time to get to know our phenomenal colleagues through a selection of interview questions. Here, we would like to introduce our exceptional Head of Sales - Sarita Kielblock.

How did it happen that you started working for Leeu Collection, South Africa? 

I followed the brand since inception and found the product inspiring. I approached a team member and expressed interest to join the company when the time was right to expand the sales team. Five months later, I received a call for an interview and was elated to join the team thereafter.  

Can you remember your first day of work for the company? 

Clearly, I arrived to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers on my desk. After a full site inspection, I tended to Christmas gifting – a great time of the year to start “warm and fuzzy”! I was and still am completely enamoured of the glorious views and beauty of the Franschhoek Valley.  

How did you build up experience for a Sales Manager role?  

I worked at two, five-star hotels in the V & A Waterfront for an extended period. The latter specialised in high-end leisure travel, paving the way for my move to Leeu Collection. 

What is your favourite part of working for Leeu Collection? 

I love the many layers that 'Leeu' offers, pursuing and showcasing the very best in art, gastronomy, wine and landscaping. Our owner appreciates symmetry in design and as a brand, Leeu Collection strives towards offering the best in class. 

What would colleagues always find on your desk?  

I dislike chaos or any form of untidiness, therefore my desk only holds the following – a laptop, notebook (I am old school and prefer pen and paper), a mobile and small plant. All of this, positioned in the exact same way every day – I have been told that I am “OCD”, I totally agree. 

We, have to ask . . . What is your life motto? 

Carpe Diem! Make the most of every single day, regardless of how you feel. Never look back and feel that you should have done more…

Who inspires you most?  

My mother. Where I generally need to “procure” services and goods, 'Mom' can do it all. Sew, cook, basic maintenance, gardening – literally anything I can think of.  

What could you never live without?  

My 4 dogs, family and the prospect of an overseas trip every now and again.  And what are your dogs names? I love alliteration - hence Bella, Bentley, Benjamin and Buzz (as in Buzz Lightyear - Space Ranger superhero). It becomes challenging during a ZOOM meeting when you have 2 hounds and 2 spaniels creating their own lock-down entertainment by arranging a “fox hunt” throughout the house. Disclaimer: no actual foxes were harmed in any way during this activity. 

What is your favourite art piece within Leeu Collection and why?  

Mommy dog & pup outside Max House (i.e. Pup Zara & Caucus, a bronze sculpture by Wilma Cruise). The love of art and the interpretation thereof is very personal. I believe that art should not be too serious and I love that the artist had fun with this piece. Have I mentioned that I have 4 dogs ? 

Sarita has celebrated her 5th year anniversary with Leeu Collection and the wit, charm and humour she brings to every occasion, along with her passion to #'liveleeu is why she is a treasured employee.  

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